While this is technique is rarely talked about by marketers, it is a marvelous tool for getting to know your customers.  Most of us would probably agree that if we don't know our customers, we are in the dark about how to meet their needs much less how to grab their attention.

This workshop is a brief introduction to the principles of creating customer personas or profiles.  For large organizations with a huge number of customers, this process can be daunting; requiring outside consultants and often costs in the high six figures.  It often requires using large databases of customer data, statistical analysis in order to create models, scoring your client database, and many other steps depending on how much time and money the firm wants to invest in this important activity.  Yet in the end, many companies that decide to invest in this type of exercise realize a tremendous return on the investment. 

However, small to medium size businesses can easily use the simple techniques outlined here to make similar gains; adding new insights about their customers, marketplace, and more.  No high-end analytics. No consultants or databases necessary.  There is no one better at knowing your customers than you.  Use this presentation to lead you through a few simple steps that can result in a greater understanding of who your customers are and how best to reach them with the appropriate message.